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Our Team

Our small but mighty team has worked diligently since June 2020 to find, synthesize, create, and share the emergent, innovative, leading-edge knowledge related to childhood trauma. We each came to the CTRC with a passion for supporting vulnerable and marginalized children, youth, families, caregivers, and communities.

Nathalie Reid


Director, CTRC

Dr. Nathalie Reid is the Director of the Child Trauma Research Centre at the University of Regina. Nathalie’s career as a Secondary teacher, in three provinces across Canada, often alongside at-risk youth, laid the foundation for her research program (teachers’ experiences of/with trauma), and for her desire to think with and inquire into the complexities of children’s experiences as well the experiences of those entrusted to care for children.

Lisa Milne

Lise Milne


Research Chair, CTRC

Dr. Lise Milne is an Associate Professor at the University of Regina in the Faculty of Social Work (Saskatoon Campus), and the CTRC Chair in Intervention and Prevention Approaches Supporting Child and Youth Health and Well-being. She is a Faculty Associate at the Social Policy Research Centre and the McGill Centre for Research on Children and Families, Steering Committee and Provincial Academic representative for Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse (RESOLVE), and a Board member for the Saskatoon Sexual Assault and Information Centre. Dr. Milne’s current research projects relate to resilience- and trauma-informed practices in child-serving organizations, the neurobiological impacts of trauma, prevention approaches, knowledge mobilization (, practice and policy responses to intimate partner violence, and child welfare data. Her research is informed by 15 years of practice experience in child welfare in two provinces and a decade at the McGill Centre for Research on Children and Families.

Dr. Hang Thi Thuy Tran

Dr. Hang Thi Thuy Tran


Post-Doctoral Scholar, CTRC

Originally from Vietnam, Dr. Hang Thi Thuy Tran has worked in multiple areas: a lecturer, a researcher, a community facilitator, an interpreter, and a cultural broker. She completed her PhD in Elementary Education at the University of Alberta, Canada in 2021. Her doctoral dissertation entitled “Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Vietnamese Children and Mothers Composing Lives in Transition to Canada” receives the 2022 Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE) Recognition Award for Theses and Dissertations on Teacher Education. Her study highlights the importance of cultural ethics in doing research and everyday life-making, the “world”-traveling to better understanding the experiences of newcomer children and families and their contribution to Canadian education and culture, and making kin with multispecies’ flourishing as significant in the children’s familial curriculum-making and school curriculum-making worlds. Dr. Tran has a wide range of research interests including newcomer children and families, familial curriculum-making, cultural brokering, teacher education, and narrative inquiry.

She can be reached at:

Steffi Oberthier

BA (Hons)

Research Assistant, University of Regina

Steffi is a research assistant with CIPSRT and has primarily been involved on the PHAC Families Project. In spring 2022, she received a Bachelor of Arts Honours with Honours in Psychology degree through the University of Regina. She has worked in a variety of research settings, both professional and academic. Steffi has also been a part of many volunteer research projects and maintains membership in the Child Evidence Lab and the NELL Lab which are both located at the University of Regina. Steffi will be applying for Master of Science in Experimental and Applied Psychology in fall 2023 with the hope of one day acquiring a PhD.

Linzi Stoddard

Linzi Stoddard


Research Coordinator and Assistant, CTRC

Linzi obtained a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biomedical Neuroscience from the University of Saskatchewan. She is now pursuing her Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership through Arizona State University. Linzi is the founder of a local Saskatchewan non-profit that works with individuals after experiences with sexual violence through body reclamation and community supports. With a background in neurobiology and trauma, Linzi hopes to use these areas of interest to help conduct research and provide services to help expand current resources and services to meet our communities’ needs.

Sam Houston

Sam Houston


Research Coordinator and Assistant, CTRC

Sam Houston obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics and Society from the University of Regina. With a background in the public sector, Sam obtained hands-on experience working directly with communities in vulnerable contexts. He hopes to utilize the research and analysis skills he acquired during his education to support and strengthen communities in vulnerable contexts.

Adrienne Ratushniak

BA (Hons)

Research Coordinator and Assistant

Adrienne has a Bachelor of Arts Honours in anthropology from St. Francis Xavier University, and in spring 2022 completed a Master of Arts in medical anthropology from the University of Saskatchewan. A background in harm reduction, risk analysis, and qualitative research methods has translated well to her work as a research coordinator and assistant for the CTRC. Adrienne’s anthropological training has enabled a critical and holistic perspective on social issues, and she is fascinated by the intersectional connections that complicate them. Along with the CTRC, Adrienne is involved in many other research projects with Lise Milne through the Faculty of Social Work.


Heather Hadjistavropoulos


Professor of Psychology, University of Regina

Heidi Cramm


Head of Families Matter Research Group

Charity Marsh


Professor of Media, Arts, and Performance, University of Regina

Jerome Cranston


Vice-Provost, Students and Learning, University of Saskatchewan

Audrey Aamodt


Chair, Education Core Studies, University of Regina

Akram Mahani


Professor of Health Policy and Management, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

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Past Team Members

Bailey Hammer

Grace Hawkins

Rashique Ramiz

Chantelle Priel

Susana Prado

Anna Dollimount

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