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Black History Month

February 7, 2023

February is Black History Month across Canada, a month to celebrate and remember the legacies of Black Canadians. The theme for Black History Month in Canada in 2023 is “Ours To Tell,” highlighting the crucial point of centering the voices of Black Canadians when learning the legacies of Black Canadians, and how they have shaped, and continue to shape, Canada throughout history. Listed below are some supportive resources the CTRC has compiled.

The Saskatchewan African Canadian History Museum has a large repository of resources available, including a virtual museum that has material to learn about significant Black Canadians throughout the history of Canada, like the early Black homesteaders and settlers who came to Saskatchewan.

Last year the CBC curated a learning experience entitled Black on the Prairies (You can find these by following the link here and the link here). There are great resources accessible to teachers through the CBC’s Curio site (free entry with an institutional email).  From here you can access the teachers’ guide for Black on the Prairies, and other resources such as Kids’ News.

This year, they have developed a series entitled Being Black in Canada.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights has compiled a list of resources and stories of Black Canadians throughout the history of Canada that are available on their website. 

Follow the links here to find many children’s and YA books foregrounding the experiences of Black Canadians are available (Follow the link here and here).

Africville by Shauntay Grant offers readers a story of reality, resilience, and courage. 

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