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Canadian Consortium On Child And Youth Trauma

June 16, 2022


Project Summary:

We began participating in the ‘Journal Watch’ explorations looking at emergent child trauma research. We also presented at the first-ever 2021 ‘Child and Youth Trauma Symposium’ with a presentation entitled: Supporting the mental health and well-being of Canadian children, families, and service providers during COVID-19 and beyond: Mobilizing critical knowledge through the creation of our website. 1 in 3 Canadians has experienced adverse childhood experiences, including sexual and physical abuse, and/or exposure to family violence. Some children and youth also face neglect and/or adverse community experiences such as discrimination, poverty, and/or other forms of violence and oppression. Purposeful attention to the right of all children without discrimination to live lives free from all forms of violence, and consideration of issues related to systemic violence, structural inequalities, and cultural safety among Indigenous people, Black communities, and other marginalized groups is paramount to the work pursued by the Consortium.

Project Timeline: Feb 2021 – April 2027
Project Funded by: The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Project Partners: McGill University

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