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Cross-Sectoral Collaboration to Improve Outcomes for Children/Youth in Vulnerable Contexts

June 5, 2023

Despite efforts of Canadian governments to address problems created by service fragmentations, many children and youth with complex needs continue to fall through the cracks in the siloed systems of care. Children with mental health struggles/issues/concerns are significantly affected by service fragmentation as they are typically dependent on a variety of support service systems. These children experience the poorest outcomes in academic performance and graduation rates, dependence on social assistance, and justice system involvement. Cross-sectoral collaboration has been advocated as a tool to overcome existing silos through providing coordinated support services. TRiP (The Regina intersectoral Partnership) is a collaboration across 6 human service organizations (Saskatchewan Health Authority, Regina Public School Division, Regina Catholic School Division, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Services, and Regina Police Service) in Regina delivering coordinated support services to children and youth in vulnerable contexts. TRiP has served approximately 1000 clients since inception in 2010 of which 94% have improved school attendance. Using TRiP as a case study, this research aims to investigate the formation and patterns of collaboration, factors influencing collaboration and service coordination across sectors, and processes and structures involved in building and maintaining a strong cross-sectoral collaboration. We will also examine TRiP’sthe governance, organization, and delivery of coordinated services across sectors, funding structure, and accountability mechanisms in TRiP. Findings will have policy implications for improving coordinated service delivery across health and other human service organizations and ultimately improved health outcomes among children and youth. Findings can guide the implementation of context-driven strategies to sustain and maximize the impact of collaborative efforts across sectors.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Akram Mahani

Co-Investigator: Dr. Nathalie Reid

Funded by: Canadian Institute of Health Research

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