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Potential Impacts on the Mental Health During COVID-19

November 8, 2020

November 16. 2020

COVID-19 case numbers are increasing quickly across the Prairies, with provinces enacting new guidelines and restrictive measures. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba governments have highlighted that the measures will be evaluated regularly.  They also each recognized the potential impacts on the mental health of citizens.  Citizens are encouraged to keep their bubbles small and to limit contact with people wherever possible.

The healthcare system is being drawn upon at an alarming rate and is experiencing overcapacity in ICUs. Mandatory masking is becoming increasingly used as a preventative measure. Governments are urging all of us to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.  In Saskatchewan, more than 300 doctors have written two letters calling upon the government to do more.

The global hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine for kids is only just beginning.  Older adults may be most vulnerable to the coronavirus, but ending the pandemic will require vaccinating children, too.  Multiple vaccine candidates are in final-stage studies in tens of thousands of adults, and scientists are hopeful that the next few months will bring evidence that at least some of them are safe and effective enough for widespread use.  Add missing school and other factors unique to children, and it’s unethical “to allow children to take on great burdens during this pandemic but not have the opportunity to benefit from a vaccine,” Dr. Sara Goza, president of the pediatrics academy


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