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High School Graduates at a Crossroads for Enrolling in Post-Secondary During COVID-19

March 3, 2021

Students who are finishing high school and are thinking about post-secondary education are faced with difficult decisions. While some students are open to the idea of remote learning, some are choosing to defer their start dates with the hope that in-person learning will return in the coming semesters.

Students who began their post-secondary education during the COVID-19 pandemic are also reporting difficulties. Some students are reporting that the transition from high-school to post-secondary learning has been challenging, and doing it alone and from home has made the experience feel isolating. Students are also reporting that the loss of “typical” experiences of young-adulthood has been hard to weather.

Managing Mental Health in the Post-Secondary Student Cohort:
In Saskatchewan, students who are currently enrolled in post-secondary education can access free online therapy through a University of Regina program. The five-week program, called the Online Therapy Unit, offers skill-based interventions to students who are struggling with their mental health. Anxiety and depression are common experiences among post-secondary students and these symptoms have been exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program is fairly new, but preliminary data is suggesting that anxiety and depression symptoms have decreased, on average, by 50%. The program pairs participants with a therapist who does regular check-ins through virtual messaging or phone calls. The program is flexible and participants can complete the assigned modules on their own schedule.

Admission to the program requires that participants are enrolled in a college or University program in Saskatchewan. To find out more about the program, or to enroll, visit

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