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Invitation to the Survey-Understanding the Emotional Impacts of School Re-Opening in the Midst of COVID-19 – Part III

April 26, 2021

Study Background

For the past year, in Canada, and around the world, educational leaders have been working tirelessly to best serve children, families and communities despite many shifts and changes to learning contexts. The decisions, policies, and practical implications are fraught with social, economic, political, familial, systemic, and educational considerations, all alongside the need to adhere to the physical distancing requirements established by health authorities Yet, in this fluid context, little is known about how educational staffs in schools will experience and respond to the health and learning requirements, nor how they plan to navigate their personal well-being. A quick scan of contemporary social media indicates to levels to which teachers in particular, but also administrators, and professional school staff are concerned, and are feeling unheard.

Purpose & Objectives

The research question we are seeking to address is: What are the socio-emotional experiences of teachers, administrators, and professional school staff (TAPS) in the midst of school re-opening and throughout the 2020-2021 school year?

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