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Perspectives from the Field: Silences and School Absences

March 9, 2021

A teacher within the Regina Public School system has noted that it has been very difficult to contact families. They say that children are missing so much school they are becoming increasingly behind in their academics and it has been difficult to ensure the safety of all students.

“Many children rely on the school for the lunch program and the security of school. Children are affected without any choice. Many have no technology to connect with their teachers over at home learning. Some students aren’t attending school at all and don’t check in with the school … [Even if they are there] much of the learning time is spent talking through emotions with students,” expressed the teacher.

In the midst of all the unknown, this teacher holds appreciation for the fact that they have gotten to spend more time with their own children. Additionally, they have noticed that now more than ever students are thankful for their teachers and proud of their accomplishments.


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