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Perspectives from the Field: The Possibilities of Community

March 17, 2021

A school social worker within the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division notes that COVID-19 has been challenging, frustrating, and limiting, but very rewarding when able to work around the challenges, frustrations, and limitations.

“Not being able to give kids things to take home, not able to do home visits, and limited communication have been the top three struggles for myself … With the lack of community programs running there are a lot of families falling through the cracks; so just another added layer to try and handle,” said the social worker.

They have noticed the sense of community as many people seek out opportunities to support one another through actions such as donations and delivering food hampers to families. The social worker says this sense of togetherness and wanting to help during these unprecedented times has been one of the most positive outcomes they have seen to come out of COVID-19.


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