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Program Evaluation: Regina Perinatal Health Network (RPHN)

October 4, 2021

Program Evaluation: Regina Perinatal Health Network (RPHN)

Project Summary: The RPHN focuses on providing education and empowerment to improve the health of new parents within the Regina community, with a strong emphasis on mental health such as PMADs. As the RPHN is a relevantly new program – stemming from Regina Early Years – the CTRC has collaborated with the RPHN to provide Program Evaluation of their services. This Program Evaluation will include both quantitative and qualitative analysis so the RPHN can continue funding their services.

Project Timeline: 2021

Contact Information:
Dr. Nathalie Reid:

Report: Program Evaluation: REGINA PERINATAL HEALTH NETWORK (RPHN)-Online Version 

Partners: RELC; RPHN; CTRC

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