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Public Safety Personnel Families: An Ecosystem of Prevention Resources and Supports

June 16, 2023

Project Summary:

Our goal is to develop and offer evidence-based and trauma-informed mental health primary and secondary prevention resources and adapt existing tertiary prevention supports to serve micro population of PSP families through PSPNET – Families. Developing the PSPNET – Families ecosystem will require an ecological approach that recognizes that PSP and their family members affect one another’s mental health and wellbeing, so support for family members can result in both support for the PSP as well as support for the family members, in their own right.

Project Budget & Timeline: $2.075,000 (Feb 2022 – Mar 2023)

Project Funded By: Public Health Agency of Canada 

Project Partners: Child Trauma Research Centre (CTRC), CIPSRT, Families Matter Research Group

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