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The Digital Connections Hub

October 4, 2021

Creating a Digital Connections Hub to Support Children in Care in Saskatchewan During COVID-19 and Beyond

Project Summary: The Digital Connections Hub presents evidence-based child welfare research and resources related to COVID-19 and other potential health crises. It facilitates easy access to resources for children and youth, service providers, families and caregivers, governments, and the general public who share a concern for children in care and the wellbeing of children and youth in general.

Project Timeline: 2020 – ongoing

DCH Full Length Report, Nov. 2020;
DCH Report Summary, Jan. 2021

Contact Information:
Dr. Nathalie Reid:
Dr. Lise Milne:

Funders: SHRF 2020 Research Connections COVID-19 Rapid Response; CIHR 2020 Knowledge Synthesis Grant: COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity in Mental Health and Substance

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