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Aboriginal Storytelling Month

February 1, 2023

February in Saskatchewan is Aboriginal Storytelling Month, a month dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the histories, traditions, and cultures of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people of Canada. Aboriginal Storytelling Month was a day begun by the Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples to promote traditional storytelling, and decolonize school and library collections through the promotion of Indigenous storytelling traditions. The CTRC has put together a list of books and resources to support learning with Indigenous storytelling traditions from Indigenous institutions and storytellers in Canada. 

Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples is the organization that started Aboriginal Storytelling Month in Saskatchewan in 2004, and they have a list of resources and events available on their website to learn more about the month.

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum has a video series titled Indigenous Storytelling with Elder Hazel to share Indigenous stories focused on children from grades K-5. 

The National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education has a wide range of resources focused on Indigenous stories and traditions, including a lesson plan for educators titled Understanding Indigenous Stories and Storytelling, appropriate for a wide variety of ages. 

Stolen Words by Melanie Florence

Turtle Island by Eldon Yellowhorn & Kathy Lowinger

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