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Being Well and the Holiday Season

December 22, 2022


The holiday season, while joyous for some, can be very difficult for others. This time of year can present economic, social, emotional, psychological, familial, and/or spiritual struggles which can lead to isolation and loneliness. These, and other related emotions can become overwhelming. 

For kids, this can be a particularly tough time for a variety of reasons.  One of these reasons is shaped by the dominant images presented in the media, in commercials, and in movies of nuclear family gatherings. These images can be painful reminders to kids who live in different familial compositions. Certain children’s books can support young people to recognize and celebrate ‘family’ as evolving and flexible.  For example, Sara O’Leary’s A Family is a family is a family offers kids an expanded understanding of the word family.

For the adults entrusted with the care of children over the holiday season, it can be supportive for kids to see themselves, their celebrations, and their practices celebrated in the midst of all the other celebrations at this time of year.  Books such as Rahele Jomepour Bell’s Our Favorite Day of the Year, can shape openings and spaces of belonging and celebration for all kids.

We have also gathered a list of mental health resources and supports dedicated to the wellbeing and mental health of all.

Wellness Together Canada

Youth Helpline: 1-888-668-6810 

Adult Helpline: 1-866-585-0445

Wellness Together is a free 24/7 helpline and support service with access to resources like articles and self-guided programs. 

Kids Help Phone 


The Kids Help Phone is a 24/7 helpline available for anyone aged 5 to 29, with a variety of online resources as well as an online chat.  

Hope for Wellness Help Line 


The Hope for Wellness Help Line is a 24/7 counselling and crisis intervention helpline available to all Indigenous peoples in Canada. 

Saskatchewan Government Mental Health Resources 

Mental Health Literacy

The Child Trauma Research Centre wishes for a safe, restful, and connected holiday season for all! And for those working to care for others over the next few weeks, we acknowledge the incredible work that you do, and the love and commitment that you show. 


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