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Perspectives From the Field: Challenges and Changes

April 13, 2021

A Victims Services responder in Saskatchewan has noted the challenges of working with clients during COVID-19, missing the face to face contact and experiencing screen fatigue. 

“I do not feel as connected to my clients and files as I struggle to balance safety, restrictions, file tasks, rapport-building and client needs,” they reported.

The service provider is also concerned about the impact that COVID-19 is having on children and families in vulnerable situations. 

“Violence has been underreported and seems to be escalating which also creates anxiety around what is happening behind closed doors, what will happen to children and how much [case] file loads will increase when kids start getting back into normal routines and have more access to safe adults and spaces.” they continued: “Additionally, [there is] less access to face to face counselling services, masking also makes children feel uneasy as they can’t read facial expressions. The collective anxiety and fear about everything that permeates society at this time also adds a layer of stress.”

COVID-19 has created barriers to service delivery for service providers. Although the pandemic has many negative consequences, this service provider recognizes the silver linings that many parents are cherishing additional time at home with their children, there is increased access to online services for those with access to technology, and that working from home occasionally can be a nice change.

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