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Perspectives from the Field: Practitioner exhaustion & hopefulness

March 23, 2021

A crisis response service provider working with children and youth mental health states that there has been difficulty in building relationships virtually with the children and youth they serve. It has been especially difficult to connect with people accessing services that do not have consistent access to technology.

“As many big organizations push to work remote/virtual we are missing those valuable, difficult to obtain in person connections with children and youth, especially those already contending with multiple issues such as secure housing, addictions, family dynamics. Trying to provide support and services to a young child virtually is very difficult as often they do not want to be on screen or understand what is happening,” the service provider said.

The service provider noted that as COVID-19 restrictions are constantly changing, it has been exhausting to keep up.

While times are indeed exhausting, the service provider recognizes how COVID-19 has “created a lot of barriers to in person care but has also created unique virtual opportunities and in some instances brought youth and caregivers closer together.”

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