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Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31, 2023

March 31 is Transgender Day of Visibility, dedicated to celebrating transgender people and recognizing and raising awareness for the discrimination many transgender people face today. In Canada, transgender people report suffering from poor mental health and are at a much higher risk of suicide compared to cisgender people. It is critical that we all do our part to understand the best ways to support transgender people of all ages. The CTRC has collected a list of resources in support of the Transgender Day of Visibility. 

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity offers a variety of resources focused on supporting and learning in relation with trans issues and allyship, with resources catered towards different professions such as organizations, educators, and politicians. The resources and campaigns run by the CCGSD involve videos, infographics, and reports to ensure that the info can be as wide-reaching as possible. 

The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Alliance has a wide variety of resources focused on Supporting Trans and GNC Students, and the steps that can be taken to ensure that schools become trans-inclusive. These resources come in a variety of mediums and are suited for a variety of ages. These educational resources focus on how to engage with trans students, as well as how to educate all students on what it means to be trans, and the obstacles and issues trans people face.

URPride, the University of Regina’s Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity, has compiled a list of Saskatchewan-based 2SLGBTQ+ organizations that offer a variety of resources and programming for those within the 2SLGBTQ+ community, as well as those wishing to support them. 

It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity by Theresa Thorn

Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall

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