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Drawing Together Neuroscience and Play, Art, and Narrative (PAN)

October 4, 2021

Drawing Together Neuroscience and Play, Art, and Narrative (PAN): Co-Creating a Resilience-Enhancement Toolkit for Children in Vulnerable Contexts

Project Summary: This project seeks to synthesize the expertise of our multidisciplinary team to co-create and facilitate the integration of a resilience enhancement toolkit (RET) for approximately 12 children ages 6-8, based largely on neuroscience and the principles of play, art, and narrative (PAN) (Wallace, K. O. & Lewis, P. J., 2020). The RET will support children to increase self-regulation, improve learning, and build healthy relationships, with the ultimate goal of enhancing resilience. The RET will include tools and activities to be used by children alongside 2 School Support Specialists in school contexts, and then to be used by the same children in their home settings to promote healthy interactions with caregivers, and support mutual well-being and resilience.

Project Timeline: June 2021 – June 2022

Contact Information:
Dr. Nathalie Reid:

Project Team: Dr. Nathalie Reid (Principal Investigator); Dr. Lise Milne (Co-Investigator); Chantelle Priel (Project Coordinator); Rashique Ramiz (Research Assistant); Dr. Patrick Lewis (Supporter); Karen Wallace (Supporter); Dr. Bree Fiissel (Supporter); Alison Lewis (Supporter); Whitney Blaisdell (Supporter); Lisa Glines (Supporter); Kiah Holness (Research Assistant; Supporter).

Funders: SHRF 2021 Research Connections Grant

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